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Renolux is committed to the safety of all children travelling by car, which is why all of our car seats are created to combine safety, comfort and easy installation, with safety tensionerís and shock absorbers. Renolux products are tested to exceed the stringent standards set down by the EEC, working with laboratories in France, Germany, Netherlands and Australia.

To ensure the childís seat is going to protect the child during an impact it is important the seat is correctly fitted; Renolux has designed and developed systems that facilitate and improve seat and child installation very effectively, incorporating a simple tensioning system in many of our car seats. Renolux seats are also crafted to meet the needs of small and growing children, paying particular attention to head support, e.g. head- rests can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally to meet the needs of every child.

The entire Renolux team is preoccupied with the responsibility and motivation of saving the lives of children and limiting the extent of permanent and serious injury in the event of an accident on a daily basis.

Improvements in quality, research and development and innovation have long been the key to achieving these aims. We at Renolux have a very wide-reaching interpretation of the issue of safety: we test our seats well beyond the limits imposed by the stringent European standards and we are also aware that ergonomics and childrenís comfort are an important factor in improving everyday safety.

Conforms To ECE-R44.03 and ECE-R44.04

Our aim is to provide maximum safety through close attention to detail. To achieve this, we work with various laboratories that are recognized worldwide and that specialize in passive safety (Utac in France, ADAC in Germany, TNO in the Netherlands and QAS in Australia, etc.). Working with these laboratories, we look at every possible accident scenario - frontal impact, rear impact, side impact and overturning - to push back our limits every time.

Renolux brings to you the Mother and Baby Gold Award Winning car seat for 2007, 2008 and 2009.

This was voted for by parents from all over the UK and shows that the innovation and concept of our car seat range is taking the market by storm.

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